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Bird Control Services in Sudbury, ON

Professional Bird Control Services for your home, cottage, event or business.

Bird Control

An effective bird control program can save a substantial amount of money by preventing infestation, avoiding property damage, and reducing liability associated with the spread of disease. Not only can geese, seagulls, pigeons, and other species of birds cause property damage, their droppings can pose serious health and safety concerns on land and in water. These droppings can eat through most construction materials including steel and concrete, which can degrade the structural integrity of your building. Birds are carriers of over 60 different diseases.


Our team possess strong knowledge and training to provide the most efficient, cost-effective and ethical bird control services for your home, cottage, event or business. We provide ongoing monitoring of geese assemblage patterns and employ effective hazing techniques throughout the season to ensure problem flocks do not colonize on the targeted property.

Goose Management Services

Increased land development, lack of natural predators, stringent protection laws and milder winters have all contributed to the rise in numbers of Canada Geese frequenting urban areas.  As a result, golf courses, municipal and industrial parks as well as private residences are all facing increasing challenges to limit the damage, feces and annoyance caused by these birds.

In order to achieve a successful goose management program, one must understand the life cycle, habitat requirements, and behaviour pattern of the Canada Goose and have an in depth understanding of the scientific approach measure to be implemented during goose management.


There is no single solution to discourage Canada Geese from grazing in urban areas. Geese are extremely reluctant to move on once they have begun molting their flight feathers in early June. Timing deterrent techniques with specific stages of the Canada Goose’s life cycle will encourage geese to nest and feed elsewhere without doing them harm.

We ensure that appropriate permits and control practices are respected at all times and that control services are conducted in the safest, most ethical, ecologically sensitive and least intrusive manner possible.


Strategies include daily dog and handler patrols, deterrent techniques, habitat modifications and egg depredation procedures carried out under the authority of Canadian Wildlife Services.  The hazing technique of using a trained Border Collie to stalk the geese helps to persuade them to find a more hospitable area to nest and feed. Border Collies possess the traits that resemble that of coyotes ad wolves which are the Canada Goose's natural predator.

Trained Border Collie Geese Stalker

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Our Trained E2 Border Collie Geese Stalker

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