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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a heater from a big box store to kill bed bugs?
    No, Ambient temperatures will reach 49°C to 52°C (120°F to 135°F), which is similar to sauna temperatures. In addition to the fans, we are essentially making your room into a convection oven.
  • Can I use an over the counter bed bug spray treatment?
    Yes. However, the concentration is not strong enough to eliminate the infestation. The spray treatments also do not target all areas such as behind baseboards. Surficial treatments will encourage the bed bugs to relocate if not treated accurately.
  • Who is at risk for getting bed bugs?
    Everyone is at risk for getting bed bugs. Anyone who travels often and/or shares living and sleeping accommodations has a higher risk of being bitten and/or spreading a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are known to “hitch” rides on people, travel luggage, household items and pets.
  • I have mice outside of my house, what do I do?"
    Cleaning and de-cluttering the interior and exterior of your home, including around garbage bins and composters, will help deter mice.
  • Should I worry about ants in my house?
    There is no need to worry about ants in the home, as these pests pose no threat to your health. If ants continue to return, even after multiple "do-it-yourself" treatments, it is best to contact a pest control specialist. Nesting ants that enter your house to forage for food aren't too much of a problem. They can crawl up vertical surfaces and get in through some pretty tiny holes. But, the ants you see in your kitchen, may have come from a colony within your walls, in which case you might kill a few worker ants using a "do-it-yourself" method, but probably won't harm the colony.
  • The earwigs are driving me crazy, what can I do?"
    Earwigs love decomposing materials such as dead, moist, cool dark areas in the garden. Good yard house-keeping such as cleaning dead plants, storing wood piles away from your home, are ways to help with earwigs.
  • I have a lot of spiders around my house. What do I do?
    Good outdoor house keeping practices will help. Spiders thrive in damp areas. A pesticide treatment is recommend.
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