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Pest Control Services for

Your Cottage.

As you enjoy your cottage this year, many of these unwanted guests appear unexpectedly.

While most are only a nuisance, some can bite, sting, damage your property, and even transmit diseases.


Our certified and trained E2 Pest Specialists take the time to get to know the structure and environment of your cottage while we work with you to create a customized, minimally invasive pest control strategy so you can sit back and relax; pest free.

Pest Control Program

We work with your schedule in efforts not to disturb your weekend getaway at the cottage. We let you rest while we take care of the pests - and no, we don't mean the kids.

Contact an E2 Pest Specialist today!

Pest Control Services in Sudbury, ON
Pest Control Services in Sudbury, ON
Need help identifying a pest?
We got this.

Call one of our certified and trained an E2 Pest Specialists today.

+1 705 699 1111
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