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Mosquito Control Services in Sudbury, ON

Professional Mosquito Control Services for your home, cottage, event or business.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes appear at our homes in the summertime, breeding in any standing water they can find and the summer season is far too short to be inside because of them. Enjoy life beside the lake, in the woods, or around your campfire, all with the bonus of being safe from mosquitoes. Extend your patio life and maintain a pleasant outdoor atmosphere without the intruders buzzing around. Ensure mosquito free comfort all season long with effective barrier control.


Our mosquito solution is an all-natural, super strong, liquid based formula that is safe for humans, animals and our environment. Enjoy full security around your home and throughout your property without any mosquitoes in sight. We carefully target and treat all places where mosquitoes live, rest and hide. Our solution provides immediate control and effective outstanding results that keeps mosquitoes away.

Prevent Mosquitoes

There are several ways that you can help to prevent and control mosquito problems in your environment:

  • Clean sites such as firewood piles and compost piles around your home or cottage

  • Remove water in old tires, toys, birdbaths, planter trays, fire pits, and tree holes

  • Make sure window and door screens are free of tears and securely fit the opening

Our E2 pest specialists at Enviro-Eco Solutions Inc. offer year-round protection plans to help you tackle unwanted mosquitoes in your environment in a safe, effective, and professional way.

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