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Spider Control Services in Sudbury, ON

Professional Spider Control Services for your home, cottage, event or business.

Spider Control

Of course, the presence of spiders can be alarming for many people, particularly those affected by arachnophobia, who may feel uneasy, suffer a panic attack, or even faint. Home remedies like removing webs and sealing cracks may discourage spiders, but if you are continually finding multiple spiders in your home, you may have an infestation. That infestation may not end anytime soon. Most spiders live for about a year, but some can live as long 15 years. For truly effective spider control, you need professional pest control services.

Spider Proof Your Home

There are several ways that you can help to prevent and control spider problems in your environment:

  • Vacuum regularly

  • Remove noticeable webs

  • Fill in gaps in walls and under doors to deter entry

  • Remove sheltering sites like firewood piles and compost piles in close proximity to your dwelling

  • Use lighting in a way that is less attractive to the insects that spiders feed on

Our pest specialists at Enviro-Eco Solutions Inc. offer year round protection plans to help you tackle unwanted spiders in a safe, effective and professional way.

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