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Fly Control Services in Sudbury, ON

Professional Fly Control Services for your home, cottage, event or business.

Fly Control

Most homes and businesses will have a problem with indoor flies. It is important to correctly identify the type of fly in your home to control it. Stages of development allow flies to take advantage of different breeding and living sites. The answer to any indoor fly problem is to find and eliminate the source. Since each type of indoor fly prefers slightly different breeding sites, identifying the fly should be the first step in any control effort. For truly effective fly control, you need professional pest control services.

Prevent Flies

The first defense is to identify the fly prior to any control effort, as well as:

  • Find and clean up any spilled or soiled food on floors or in pantries

  • Clean sink and bathtub/shower drains

  • Use soap and water to remove all organic residues

  • Do not store dirty mops

  • Trim vegetation away from your home

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