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Pest Control Services for

Your Outdoor Event.

As you plan your outdoor wedding, reunion, graduation or outdoor BBQ, the last thing you want is an uninvited guest lingering around your food and biting your guests! While most pests are only a nuisance, some can bite, sting, damage your property, and even transmit diseases, not to mention ruin your special event.


Our certified and trained E2 Pest Specialists treats every event with thoroughness and utmost care while we work with you to create a customized, minimally invasive pest control strategy so you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors without any uninvited guests.

Pest Control Program

From mosquitoes to flies, 

most uninvited guests who show up to your event will bite and linger over food. Let us help your celebration last well into the night.

Contact an E2 Pest Specialist today!

Wedding Cake
Pest Control Services in Sudbury, ON

Plan Ahead.

We work with your schedule in efforts to not disrupt the event preparations or your guests’ experience. We will consult with you on when the best time to spray before the event, well in advance, so you don’t feel any added last minute pressures.

Without Disruption.

We consult with you or the event planner to create the ideal outdoor environment for any type of event. Our goal is to provide as minimal of an impact on the property while providing the best efficacy for your event and your guests’ experience with no unpleasant odours, visible traps, or swatting. 

Pest Programs

Pest Control Services in Sudbury, ON
Need help identifying a pest?
We got this.

Call one of our certified and trained E2 Pest Specialists today.

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